Media and the Inner World

Displacement, Identity and Cultural Heritage

Starts: July 08 @ 2:00pm

Address: The Rich Mix

Born into a Sahrawi refugee camp before being sent to live with foster parents in Spain, Fatimetu returns to her Saharan birthplace following the death of her mother and, despite having been absent for sixteen years, finds herself expected to resume family duties. Portraying the existence of a Moorish ethnic group in Algeria who are still waiting for status under international law, Wilaya is Pedro Pérez Rosado’s poetic evocation of being caught between two worlds.

Panel Discussion

After the screening, as part of a special event at the heart of EEFF 2012’s Identity and Displacement strand, AHRC research network Media and the Inner World and The Institute of Psychoanalysis explore themes of identity culture and emotion at the heart of Wilaya. Filmmaking, psychoanalysis and refugee studies will provide perspective on the emotional and cultural dilemmas touched on by Wilaya, and how they relate to experiences of cultural displacement and exile portrayed in the film.

 The panel included:

Pédro Perez Rolaldo
Mary Bradbury: Psychoanalyst
Giorgia Doná: Reader in Refugee Studies, UEL)
Andrea Sabadinni: Chair of the 7th European Psychoanalytic Film Festival

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