Media and the Inner World

Radio Event #2: Emotion and Symbolic Engagement with Radio

Starts: March 30 @ 5:00pm

Ends: March 30 @ 6:30pm

Address: London Metropolitan University

This was the second event in the MiW Radio series. It was produced by the Media & the Inner World AHRC Research Network, in collaboration with the University of East London, Roehampton University and London Metropolitan University. Jointly organised by Peter Lewis, London Metropolitan University and Hugh Ortega Breton, University of Surrey.

Speakers included:

Anne Karpf – Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, former radio critic of The Guardian and author of The Human Voice. Anne will speak on ‘The sound of home? How the radio voice anchors, contains and sometimes pierces’
Aaron Balick – psychotherapist, academic, and media contributor. Director of the MA in Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex and a private practitioner, he also contributes to Radio One’s Sunday Surgery. Aaron will speak on ‘The use of radio as a good object’ – how radio may resonate (or not) with the object relational world of the listener.

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