Media and the Inner World

Radio Event #1: Engaging Audiences: Radio Journalism and Suffering

Starts: October 08 @ 5:00pm

Ends: October 08 @ 6:30pm

Address: Chapman Hall, Queens Building, Southlands College, Roehampton University

This event was organised in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Film and Audio-Visual Cultures, Roehampton University. It was the first event in our MiW series on Radio.

Our speakers introduced research and ideas concerning how radio news journalism ‘works’ to create identifications in the audience with stories of human suffering.

Speakers included:

Kate Wright – Senior Lecturer in Journalism and News Media, Roehampton University and former BBC Radio Today and Newshour journalist.
Gavin Rees – Journalist; filmmaker; Director of The Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma, Europe; Research Fellow, Bournemouth University.
Brett Kahr – Media psychotherapist; psychological commentator and presenter; Honorary Professor Media & the Inner World, Roehampton University; former Special Media Adviser to The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.


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