Media and the Inner World

Mary Stuart

Starts: September 18 @ 7:00pm

Address: The New Diorama Theatre
15 Triton Street
Regent’s Place

MiW presents a special performance of Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller, followed by a panel discussion.

In a new version by Daniel Millar & Mark Leipacher. Performed as part of the Faction Theatre Co. Rep Season.

Mary Stuart

“With the Queen I share my blood, my rank, my sex. With her alone as a cousin, a sovereign, a woman, may I talk of freedom.”

Due to critical acclaim and popular demand, the Faction will be returning to the New Diorama with their hit show Mary Stuart.
A political prisoner is accused of religious extremism, incitement of war and masterminding assassination. She has been retrospectively charged with a law that was invented specifically for her. She has been denied access to witnesses and found guilty by a jury – but not a jury of her peers.

That would be impossible; her only peer is Queen Elizabeth I. This presents Elizabeth with a terrifying dilemma: to reign in fear for the rest of her life or to have her cousin and fellow queen executed.

Panelists include:

Prof. Michael Rustin, University of East London
Mrs. Margaret Rustin,
Kate Sawyer, The Faction

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