Media and the Inner World

Murder, Madness and Masculinity in Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II

Starts: February 16 @ 7:30pm

Address: The Rose Theatre

Media and the Inner World, in association with Em-Lou Productions and the Rose Theatre, Bankside, London presented this event.

This was the first performance at the Rose Theatre of Christopher Marlowe’s classic drama Edward II in over 400 years.

Speakers included:

Peter Darney, Theatre Director, whose credits include the highly acclaimed production of Arden of Faversham, a neglected Elizabethan classic, that took to the Rose Theatre in 2010, and was nominated for Best Play 2010 in the London Fringe Awards.

Dr. Valerie Sinason, Clinical Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, London, and Psychoanalyst and Child Psychotherapist.

Dr. Estela Welldon, former Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy at the Portman Clinic, London, and Honorary President for Life of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy, and author of Sadomasochism.

Dr. Candida Yates, Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies at the University of East London, and Co-Director of Media and the Inner World, the Arts and Humanities Council Research Network at Roehampton University and the University of East London.

Prof Brett Kahr, Chair.

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